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Automatic Number Plate Recognition, or ANPR, is the ability of a camera to read the number plate of a vehicle within its view and record it. An ANPR camera can be placed over a driveway or forecourt to log the number plates of all vehicles that pass through, and the time that each one does so. This type of camera is commonly used at petrol stations, for example.

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Tracking Systems

Tracking Systems

A Tracking system can be used to monitor the location of assets, usually vehicles, that are regularly mobile; they can also aid the recovery of stolen property. Once a tracking unit has been installed on an asset, the asset can be located through the use of tracking software installed on a computer.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can be useful in low visibility environments when standard CCTV cannot provide a clear picture (such as in foggy or snowy locations). Thermal imaging cameras create an image by heat detection rather than light; heat sources (such as human beings) show up clearly in situations where the human eye (or standard imaging devices) can not see them.

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Analogue and IP

Analogue cameras are the most commonly used cameras in CCTV security systems today, often seen in shopping centres and businesses. An Analogue camera will broadcast the image in its view to a monitor and, usually, a recording device (for example, the camera might relay its image back to a monitor for viewing). The signal from an Analogue camera only flows one way, from the camera to the monitor. Analogue systems are the staple unit in most systems; they provide a tried and tested security option. These cameras are cost effective and suitable for a wide range of business environments.

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